Design of Cogeneration and Analysis of Economic and Environmental Optimal Operations for Building Energy Management System

Thanakorn Petkajee, David Banjerdpongchai


This paper proposes a design of cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) system and analysis of economic and environmental optimal operations for a building energy management system (BEMS). The proposed BEMS consists of a CHP system, an auxil- iary boiler, an absorption chiller, and power grids. The design problem concerns with multi-objective cost functions: total operating costs (TOC) and total carbon dioxide emissions (TCOE) which can be for- mulated as a linear program. The optimal operation analysis is employed to determine a suitable capacity of the CHP system for the proposed BEMS. Then, we analyze the optimal energy ow for each component and the relationship between TOC and TCOE. The numerical results show that the proposed BEMS can reduce both TOC and TCOE up to 30% and 14%, compared to the original electricity usage. Further- more, the simulation is extended to determine risk in a long-term operation by investigating the impact of fuel prices to TOC and TCOE.

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