Fractional Order PID Controller Design for DC Motor Speed Control System via Flower Pollination Algorithm

Deacha Puangdownreong


Over two decades, the fractional (non-integer) order PID (FOPID or PIlDm) controller was introduced and demonstrated to perform the better responses in comparison with the conventional integer order PID (IOPID). In this paper, the design of an optimal FOPID controller for the DC motor speed control system by the flower pollination algorithm (FPA), one of the most efficient population-based metaheuristic optimization searching techniques, is proposed. Based on the modern optimization framework, five parameters of the FOPID controller are optimized by the FPA to meet the response specifications of the DC motor speed control system defined as particularly constraint functions. Results obtained by the FOPID controller are compared with those obtained by the IOPID designed by the FPA. As simulation results, the FOPID can provide superior speed responses to the IOPID, significantly.

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