Optimal DG Sizing and Location in Modern Power Grids using PEVs Load Demand Probability

Yuttana Kongjeen, Krischonme N. Bhumkittipich, Nadarajah Mithulananthan


The integration of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) to the conventional distribution system has hada major impactuponconsumption ofenergy in thepastyear. This paper presentsoptimal distributed generator(DG) sizing and location in the power system using PEVs load demand probability. The MATLAB m-file scripts and OpenDSS were applied to solve the proposed studyby varyingthe percentage penetration levelof PEVs. A genetic algorithm optimization technique was used to find the best solution of DG installation. The simulation results showed that the PEVs were directly connected to the power grid with 100 PEVs(13.84%), 200 PEVs(27.68%) and 500 PEVs(69.19%), respectively. Itwas found that the DG sizingalso variedwith39.935 MW, 42.568MW and 47.907 MW, respectively. While the position of the DG also changes according to the sizing of DG. The position of DG was installed at bus No.738, bus No.741 and bus No.711, respectively. Therefore,the optimal DG placement helped toimprove and reducethe total line loss and total energy demand from the power grid. The grid increased the power system stability and reducedthe impactfrom the large scale of PEV penetration.

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