Optimal Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller Design using Bee Algorithm for Dynamic Voltage Restorer System

Somporn Tiacharoen, Theerayuth Chatchanayuenyong


This paper proposes an application of the bee algorithm (BA) in order to design an optimal proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller, a sliding mode (SM) controller, and a fuzzy sliding mode (FSM) controller for a dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) system. The DVR is an electronic device, which has excellent dynamic capabilities and is well-suited in protecting critical or sensitive loads from short duration voltage sags or swells. The parameters of the optimal PID, SM, and FSM controllers are automatically tuned by the BA to compensate for the magnitude of load voltage by injecting the compensating voltages when the source voltage sags and swells. In order to confirm these concepts and to show that the proposed strategy outperforms other strategies when it is compared to others using the trial and error method, experimental and simulation setups were implemented in various cases.

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