Hybrid MODE/TS for Environmental Dispatch and Economic Dispatch

Suppakarn Chansareewittaya


The economic dispatch and environmental dispatch are used as problem formulas for this paper. The problem formulations are formulated as multi-objective problems. The hybrid Multi-Objective Differential Evolution/Tabu Search (MODE/TS) is developed to solve this multi-objective problems. The proposed method is applied to 2 test systems. The first test system which contains 6 generations is used as test system without any losses. Another test system which contain 10 generations is used as test system with non-flat losses by using losses co-efficiency. The constraints are used to control the power of each generation in all test systems. Test results from hybrid MODE/TS are compared with test results from original MODE under the same constraints and parameter settings. The test results indicate that the hybrid MODE/TS can determine the better optimal pareto solutions and average solution than those from original MODE. Moreover, the hybrid MODE/TS gives the outstanding solution which is far away from original DE.

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